Welcome to Xtreme Field Target

Hosted at Phoenix Rod and Gun Club

Pellet vs Slug vs RimfireIt is what makes us different and it is what makes us XTREME 
Xtreme Monthly Matches Include:  Slug class as well as.22 rimfire (subsonic only)

stay Tuned FOR
night time field target

2022 XFT Grand Prix Winners

April 2022 Match results

Mike, Wyane, Sandy, Bobby, Doug


CALL BEN: 480-694-6973


BEN: 480-694-6973

Hard Air Magazine 

The First Grand Prix IS Happening In Phoenix!
With HUGE Prizes…
"Xtreme Field Target is a new and growing airgun shooting discipline"
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XFT Home Field at PRGC
XFT Home Range
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Shooter spotlight

Peykan beyrami
Bobby Corcorran
Tied at 39

On Feb 26, 2022 , Peykan (Team Centercut) set a new record at the XFT home range with a solid 39/48 win.  On April 23rd Bobby Corcorran (Daystate Wolf Pack) shot a 39/48 to tie the record.  Its a hunt for who will take top shot next year, stay tuned. 

Xtreme Videos

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In the wake of COVID-19 precautions we took to an outdoor venue with plenty of distancing to compete! The American Field Target element of the Extreme Benchrest competition has taken traction here in

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