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Xtreme Field Target (xft)

what is xft?

In short, it’s the extreme version of “regular” field target but, XFT is an increase in the challenge, distance, power output, and most importantly, the fun! In regular FT, targets are placed at distances from 10-55 yards and power output of the guns is restricted to 20fpe. BUT, in XFT the distances are stretched all the way out to 100 yards and the power restriction is capped way up at 100fpe.  The greater distance and increased power threshold more approximate what many airgunners in the United States are most interested in. It also allows a shooter to use the same gun in XFT as they do in the three famous yearly events of: Extreme Benchrest, The Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge, and The Pyramyd Cup.

what to expect?

In XFT we shoot at larger and stronger versions of the metal knockdown targets used in regular ft. These targets could be any shape but are often in the shape of animals (frogs, deer, squirrels, fish, etc).  We even have some cartoon characters and famous corporate mascots. It’s always a surprise to see the shapes of targets that the match director has placed on the course. The constant (and the goal) however, is to place your projectile inside a round kill zone somewhere on that aforementioned target character or animal. For example, a 3 inch kill zone @ 100 yards would be a common target to see in XFT. If the shooter can place a pellet or slug in that 3 inch kill zone, the target falls and a point is recorded. A target still standing after a shot is taken is a miss and no points are awarded. So, we’re playing a reactive shooting game, and the reward is seeing that big metal animal fall. Much more engaging than making holes in paper!!!

matches and special events

We hold XFT matches on the 4th Saturday of  the month here in the Valley (during the cooler months, usually October through April or May) and up in Northern Arizona during the summer (hot months).  Local matches take place at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club in Phoenix, Arizona, summer match locations are TBA (keep checking our web for those times and locations for sign ups). As the interest has grown, both from shooters and industry players (in the form of sponsors), it is now common for the winners to go home with not only bragging rights, but also cash prizes, medals, merchandise, and gift certificates.

Why we shoot!

XFT is ground breaking – the fastest growing airgun discipline sweeping the industry right now.  Its like golf with guns, -range and shoot, best score wins.  And let’s not forget about the camaraderie amongst the shooters! We’ve all become a big group of friends and love to make new friends and “show them the ropes.” On that note, any and all shooters are welcome and encouraged to come check out what the excitement is all about at the next match!

match rules

SPECIAL NOTE:   A Range Official will be on the course for any issues.  Shooters will shoot from a sitting position with a bi-pod.  Shooter will be required to hit kill zones from 1/2″ up to 3″ to get animal to fall and will have 3 minutes to complete 4 shots (2 per animal) per lane.   There will be 12 lanes with 2 animals in each lane.  This will be a 48 shot match.  Any ties will be settled by shoot off (time permitting) or longest streak.

Casing and Uncasing your Gun:

ONLY PERMITTED at the firing line.

Stix & Buckets:

Everyone must use shooting sticks and shoot from sitting on a bucket or stool (NOT provided) but absolutely no back support is allowed on the seating device.

Timing counts:

Timers are provided on each station. Scorers will start the 3 minute timer as soon as the shooter looks thru the scope. Timers are to stay at each station. PLEASE LEAVE TIMERS AT EACH STATION.

Forced Standing Position:

No sticks are allowed in forced standing position.

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